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ISM Technology

At ISM, we use the latest science and technology to ensure maximum health, comfort, and performance for all cyclists.  ISM's patented design results in superior blood flow, no genital numbness, and optimum rider health. 

Blood Flow Testing

Using industry-leading equipment and standards, we perform rigorous testing of blood gas levels while cycling.  The chart below compares several ISM models with four competitors' bicycle saddles.  Note that all ISM saddles measure at least 100% blood flow, which is the baseline number for a rider standing at rest off of the bike.  As the rider begins to exercise, blood pressure and pulse rise, causing blood flow to exceed the 100% baseline.  Note how the traditional saddles are all significantly below the ISM standard.

*NOTE: All test runs shown with a 60-degree rider back angle, or a standard road riding position


Independent Research

In addition to our stringent in-house testing, there is a large body of independent research showing the dangers of riding tradtional-style bicycle saddles.  Please check out these links and citations below for further information on why it's important for both men and women to preserve genital blood flow, nerve function, and remove pressure from soft tissue areas.


NIOSH (National Institute for Occupational Safety & Health) Update Link - Full Text

National Geographic Adventure, April 2003 – Riding Rough: New Evidence Continues to Link Biking to Impotence by Jim Thornton

Bicycling Magazine, August 1997 – The Unseen Danger by Joe Kita


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