ISM PS 2.0

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The Road is a huge favorite at ISM – and our highest selling seat.  The second introduction to our Performance Short line, it features more padding than the firm Racing II, but less than the plush Typhoon.  All of these seats work well on triathlon, time trial, and road bikes.  

Similar to the other Performance Short seats (Racing II, Time Trial, Typhoon), the Road is best for riders that prefer to stay in one position on the seat, without moving fore/aft very much.  This makes it a top choice for triathletes and time trialists who ride in the aerobars, or for flat courses in which the athlete likes to ‘settle in’ to one position and go.

Like all ISM saddles, the Road is nose-less and designed to remove pressure from soft tissue, ensuring maximum blood flow, no genital numbness, and a healthier, more enjoyable ride.  

ISM sponsored athletes Andy Potts and Hillary Biscay love the Road, and so will you.

Category: Performance Short
Length: 245mm
Width: 135mm
Padding: Foam and Gel
Rails: Chromoly
Colors: Black, White