Quintana Roo VPR

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  • R 179,000

All V-PR are custom orders only:

We’ve improved aerodynamically with new shapes and a slimmer design that’s condition-favorable against a wider range of wind angles, lighter frame, fork and seatpost designs, and the faster new Leading Edge Absent 2 (LEA.2) non-driveside stay, all while employing our re-designed SHIFT+ offset downtube. The result is a bike that is 5.02 percent more aerodynamically efficient than the PRsix2 Disc.

The V-PR also goes lighter—MUCH lighter. New ultralight and strong carbon cloth, matched with engineering that carves out excess weight, results in the lightest bike we’ve ever created—just 2,169 grams for frame, fork, seatpost, QBox and TT storage in 52cm.

The result of our engineering and weight savings comes with unparalleled performance, making the V-PR one of the best-handling bikes in triathlon. Carve roundabouts. Attack rollers. Descend, corner, climb and power in confidence. In and out of the aerobars, there’s not another bike that responds to your input as ably. Of course, the V-PR is built for triathletes, with all the practical utility like integrated nutrition and hydration, and ease of use you’ve come to expect.

The V-PR also enjoys option of QR’s new Fit-Ready program. Choose this option, and within 48 business hours our team will contact you to gather fit metrics from your fitter. We’ll then apply these to your build upon purchase, and you’ll receive your V-PR with your exact fit measurements set up, making it truly race-ready in every way.

Be ready to have your expectations on what makes a tri bike fast, reset. Welcome to the V-PR!

For custom colours and builds contact info@troiagencies.com